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Diamonds - Chapter 1


This is the first chapter in a series devoted to diamonds characteristics and their world and where we will share with you its beauty and secrets.

In this, we start with different sizes that can be performed on a diamond in the rough.

The size is the only feature of the diamond depends on the man's hand. A diamond may be exceptional in nature, but in a wrong hands, would not shine with all his energy.

To this end, there are mathematical proportions, precise optical path calculations that include conducting the light inside of the stone itself, and the dispersion of the reflected light within.

Commonly people confuse the term "Bright", thinking that it is not a diamond, when in fact, the name simply refers to the size that has been given to it.

This is the size that provides maximum brilliance and dispersion, hence its name. It is the most classic and used, round with 57 or 58 facets, structured following the publication of a technical study of Marcel Tolkowsky in 1919.


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