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A little history: Watches


Very good at all!

I always liked watches, indeed, I am passionate observe the inner workings of them.

I love the English name "timepiece", because in reality, are just that, time pieces.

What is not known is how many people passed clocks and wall pockets, our wrists.

As in many of the advances, we must look to the military camp, specifically aviation pilots. Originally, they took the classic pocket watch, and with a handmade belt tied him to the leg or arm, provided aviation over the suit.

The reason? At the time when the aircraft lacked any type of instrumentation, performing complex calculations pilot courses, distances and times remaining fuel with the help of a clock.

Following that, this new way of carrying watches became popular, reaching what is now known as a wristwatch.

Anecdotally, note that even today, with advanced technologies that include aircraft, many drivers still use their watches as a navigation tool.

¿Customs? Or maybe nostalgic?


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