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One of the bravest decisions a couple is deciding to share with someone the rest of our lives, but each work further fuel the love, not fall into a rut.

The materials they progress from the weakest to the strongest as the relationship progresses.

What is your anniversary?

Birth and Christening

Nothing more mark a before and after in life, the birth of a baby, a miracle unique and impossible to repeat that although small, can enforce biggest dreams. Babies are born with eyes willing to see everything beautiful, joyous embrace and love everything unconditionally with all his heart.

We celebrate the birth through baptism, a spiritual act rooted in our culture, which is chosen as godparents to two people who will be responsible for spiritually and morally guide the baby throughout his life.

We give in this important day a jewel laden abiding sense in time to commemorate this great event and remember the emotion of this day.


You know it must be love, when "always" sounds a little while ... The wedding is the first day of the rest of our lives as a couple, it is the beginning of marriage, the union of two people who choose to be single, are many traditions that revolve around this celebration, but one stands out, "wedding ring or alliance" represents the commitment, eternity.

These rings are traditionally gold, symbolizing strength material, although increasingly white gold, or their combination is more essential.

We invite you to create your own style.

It only Create your own alliance.

Full age

A new stage in the life of that we have been born, grow and stumble, which has been in our hands at all times, which we taught the necessary to tools to write their own history, it's time to let it fly, see chart its own path, leaving overcome their own obstacles.

Celebrate this important day giving away a gem that will never fly just remember, there will always be a helping hand waiting to help you jump any obstacle.


Sometimes the face of adversity and problems, we need to be filled with faith, hope, kindness, symbolically remind people who have dedicated their lives to convey feelings of faith and solidarity.

Such people show up in our lives in many ways, we call mom, dad, brother, friend ...

People whose name reminds us of the light that adds to our lives.

Let us return to this beloved tradition by giving a small accessory that reminds you how special that person is to you.

Valentine's Day

There are many ways to say "I Love You" Valentine's Day is a perfect day to remember a different and original way how much you care.

For this special day, give her pieces that convey the feeling of the day when love is the protagonist, the day of lovers.

If you are passionate about the necklaces give her a jewel that can wear on any occasion.
The earrings are the perfect compliment to the woman, an accessory that lights up his face.
A ring or bracelet as a symbol of the free union.
A watch ...

Remember that what matters is not the jewel gift, but the feeling will revive each time it is used.


Communion is surely one of the celebrations more meaningful, tradition and spirituality that we celebrate, perhaps when we are young, not yet fully understand what is in the sacrament of the Eucharist, but as we grow, we feel the need for spiritual connection and better understand the values we learn in catechism.

So up to us older, make this day will be remembered as one of the happiest and most emotional of his life, and what better way to relive that moment with a jewel that will accompany him throughout his life reminding emotion and spiritual connection that took place that day ...


One of the most significant characteristics of human beings is that we are social beings, and this is one of the most beloved traditions and where more show how important our friends, family for us to conclude that this be part of our lives, a year is giving us his company.

Give her something that will remind you that it is important for you and you're happy to be part of your life.

Magi from the east

The wise men there ... There in the heart of each of those who believe in them, for many this day is not real until you feel the true joy of being with family, the innocence of the little expecting the longed visit .

Everything is magical, but not the day before the parade, the night before, the next morning, gifts, or coal ... is the heat that surrounds the hearts of people, the generosity to share it with others , the illusion in the face of our loved ones as they open the gift you have so lovingly prepared for them.

A moment to say "I love you" and begin a new year with family.

Mother's Day

No more universal language than love from a mother to her son, whose heart is a deep abyss where only find love.

Let us spend one day a person who devotes all his us without expecting anything cambio.Recordemos our most loved one how much you want and how thankful we are for giving us life and be the most unqualified person.

Give her the Mother's Day a jewel remind you that you are the most precious.

He thinks it is important not to give away the jewel, but the feeling will revive each time it is used.

Father's Day

Any man can be a father, but you must be someone special to be "Daddy".

Final Graduation

This is a very special moment, it's time to reap what we have sown, culminates a successful life stage, during which the best of oneself is given and experiences that will graduate more qualified person to face life is live and serve others. The effort and dedication are admirable and always bring great things to fill you with pride.

Give her a gem as a symbol of work, remember that the knowledge gained is only a tool to continue evolving and learning in the school of life.

Engagement marriage

A traditional and very symbolic act charged the fullest of emotions and beautiful memories ritual, but are varied gifts requested, for her the most known and used as a solitary diamond engagement ring with brilliant cut of all sizes the average carat as the most representative and he certainly ordered watch as though twins or Tie pin are also used in gold or brands like mont Blanc, armani etc.

Our wedding ring collection, over 200 models, with all the best and latest in international market alliances, plus the ability to customize your alliances, through our partnerships create your application.


Each age gives us a different role. Growing old is like climbing a mountain, "while decreasing forces are rising, but the look is freer, wider and serene view" it's time we begin to feel younger, leaving behind a lifetime of experiences and collecting wisdom that only time can give.

Knowing how to grow old is the master work of wisdom, and one of the most difficult chapters in the great art of living.


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